Jesse Murrah

Jesse Murrah, Jr.

Jesse’s rapid spiritual development and love for teaching the Bible led the church brothers to suggest he attend SWCC in Terrell, Tx, instead of the colleges of his choice: Howard University for FBI career training or Pepperdine University for an aspiring Dental career. It was at Southwestern where everything came together - music, performance, showmanship, and leadership after becoming soloist and 'first choice' to represent the school under master music craftsman, A. Hugh Graham; as well as the grinding, unflappable, and relentless Dr. Jack Evans. After touring and performing around the nation several times young Jesse found his own unique ministry; and upon graduating SWCC the stage was set to launch  The FABULOUS MUSIC MAKERS back in his beloved Louisville, KY hometown. Having "tired" of the warmed-over, bass-less music being circulated throughout the brotherhood, Essej—as he renamed his music persona, began to write his own songs and produce music designed to reach the un-churched.  Essej’s music was laced with sound biblical lyrics, carried along by driving bass vocals that sounded like the bass guitar he played; yet, remained true to the acapella framework of his new "love", the Church of Christ.

This new sound caught many traditionalists by surprise and delighted others who thirsted for a way to reach their own un-churched friends. It was an uphill battle, but the accomplished musicians' music was now sweeping the country in and out of the Church's brotherhood. That series of musical successes landed his newfound group, STRAIGHT COMPANY, a National Recording Contract with one of the largest music labels in the music business, Benson Records (now Zomba Music).