Jesse Murrah

Jesse Murrah, Jr.

Recently, another chapter has opened to Essej's ministry when a vacant pulpit at his home congregation needed filling, and he appeared to be the most 'qualified' to fill it. The 20-plus membership congregation has tripled in size as his effervescent character has been lent to a vibrant crowd of worshippers in the inner-city at The Louisville Central Church of Christ. It appears God has brought this manservant full-circle for His names' sake. Jesse was quick to admit that a pulpit ministry was not in his own plan, but it seems God was preparing this often humorous and very likeable, giant figure  for this moment in God’s Time. That constant smile, a vast array of talent, along with his humble spirit gives him an enormous base of friends all over the world. esse is in high-demand, highly  sought  after for public-speaking engagements, performances, trainings, sermons, seminars, celebrity panelist, jingle and song writings as well as album production.